How to look after your flowers

1). We know how lovely flowers look in the window, but the heat from direct sunlight will kill the flowers in a few days. They are best in a cool place away from direct sunlight, radiators and heat sources.

2). Always cut the stems with a sharp knife rather than scissors. This will ensure that the stem is not squashed or damaged and therefore can drink better.

3). Always cut the stems at an angle. This will help them to drink better when in your vases.

4). Always wash your vases with soap and water. Bacteria sits in the vases and will contaminate your lovely new flowers, making them die much quicker. Make sure your vases are fresh and clean before placing the flowers in them.

5). Make sure you remove the leaves that sit below the water line. The leaves breed bacteria, which will contaminate the water, if not removed.

6). Make sure you change the fresh water every couple of days. This will keep the flowers alive for longer, as they feed on fresh rather than stale water.

7). DON’T use cold water in your vases! Flowers like lukewarm water and will open up beautifully.

8). Lilies are harmful to cats when eaten, so always place them out of reach if you have pets.

9). Ranunculus are harmful to cats and dogs if eaten. So always place them out of reach if you have pets.

10). Hydrangeas LOVE water and drink FAST. Ensure you replace their fresh water daily for longevity.