Once ordered your delivery will be in 3 days. We will ring your doorbell / knock on the door and leave your vegetable and fruit box on the doorstep and so there is NO direct contact

Delicious and fresh fruit and vegetable boxes

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Greens of highgate welcomes you to their online greengrocers and florist


We can select and deliver your very own shopping list.

You can order your fruit and veg shop with us and we will do the hard work for you (and deliver it!). 

This is just like writing your shopping list at home and without even having to leave your house, we will pick (the best of course) fruit, vegetables, eggs and flowers and delivery them to your home for FREE*.

About our Greengrocers


After years of searching for the perfect location Ricky was introduced to Michael who had run the shop for over 20 years as a greengrocers and florist and he decided to take the plunge and take over the shop...

Elderly vegetable box


Welcome to our online fruit and veg and florist shop! 

You can order your weekly fruit and veg shop here and we will do the hard work for you (and deliver it!).

Our FLOWER SHOP has a simple collection of flowers that will brighten anyones mood.

We will pick (the best of course) and delivery them to your home for FREE*.


welcome to our online greengrocers and flower shop. offering free delivery for north london.

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Hi, just to say we are very pleased with the quality quantity and value of our delivery, thank you. And we loved the delivery vehicle! 

Keep safe and well 

John k

After the first box I delighted in using the beautiful Savoy cabbage and created 3 meals out of it. All of the other produce were excellent too. We used to live in Highgate but moved in December '19. When this pandemic struck I was so pleased to discover your fruit and veg boxes because I knew the quality would be excellent and I want you to still be there as a business when this is all over. 

Today's box is beautiful. Thank you! 


The box arrived today. It is stunning, best one yet!!

Thank you and take care.

Alexandra B

We're very excited to have just received a fruit and veg box.

Great produce and pretty much exactly what I would buy every weekend.

Thank you so much


Many thanks for the beautiful looking, delicious and well chosen fruit and veg box you delivered. It was a treat for the eyes and the taste buds! I was longing for those fresh green leaves in various forms! Order and delivery all went so smoothly. You are doing a great job in very difficult times. Congratulations. I hope business is booming and you are keeping well.

Julia P

My first veg box arrived today, full of lovely fresh stuff and generous amounts of the fruit and green veg I cheekily asked for. We’ll be ordering again just as soon as we’ve eaten this lot.

Thank you so much!

Vicky F

Thank you so much for the lovely selection of fruit and veg in our box this week. It's such a treat to be having a weekly delivery and we really appreciate it. Also, your delivery people always give a smile when they leave the boxes at a distance, and this is really appreciated since we could all use more smiles these days.


Just received my delivery - I am absolutely delighted with it! Such lovey produce and not a bit of plastic in sight!

Thank you so much.

I’ll place another order once we’re through this lot.

Kate A

I received my order and want to say thank you for offering delivery, it’s a lifeline and very much appreciated.

Fabulous quality of fruit and vegetables, this has made my week.


meet our amazing greengrocers and florist team

This is Ricky our greengrocer

RICKY: The Greengrocer and Owner

Favourite flower: Avalanche Rose.

The nations favourite flower and our all year rounder. They transform a bouquet or arrangement beautifully.

Favourite fruit and veg:

It's a tough one!... I would have to say the Alphonso mango. You can smell the sweetness before it’s cut and at the right time of the year... there’s no better fruit for taste.

This is Shereen our business manager

SHEREEN: The Wife and Business Manager

Favourite flower:  I LOVE peonies!..

They are my ultimate favourite. The only bug bear , is that they are not available all year round. When they are in season, I often get in trouble for taking too many of them home.

Favourite fruit and veg:

Cherries are my favourite fruit… I could eat them by the bucket load. Again not available all round but we have the tastiest cherries when in n season.

This is Philip the Veg man

PHILIP: The Veg Man and Friend

The 'Veg Man''... he loves his veg and is very fussy about his veg display.

Favourite flower: Hydrangeas

Favourite fruit and veg:

Asparagus... 'You cant beat an asparagus risotto'

This is Delia our florist

DELIA: The Florist and Mother in Law

Favourite flower:
It’s so hard to choose a favourite flower when I work with so many. I love black roses. They look so unusual in an arrangement and really give bouquets a wow factor.

Favourite fruit and veg:
Has to be aubergines. There are 2 recipes I use... slice and fry aubergine and add a tomato and garlic sauce or just add vinegar and oil. Both taste delicious with salad and pitta bread.

This is Michelle our assistant

MICHELLE: The Assistant and Sister

Favourite flower:

Tulips are my favourite flowers!

Favourite fruit and veg:
I love our Cyprus Potatoes...
I roast them in the oven with olive oil, fresh lemon juice & pepper and serve alongside fish and salad.

5 star reviews on TimeOut

We work hard all year round to offer outstanding product and service with a smile. 

From all your reviews, it seems that we are doing a good job - thank you all for voting.

Thank you again for another fabulous and nutritious box – you are providing a really amazing service. Thank you all, it is truly appreciated and we won’t forget who we owe our loyalties to once this is all over.


Greens of Highgate is a welcoming addition to the local area, with friendly staff, quality produce and a traditional ethos, this florist and green grocers is a great part of the community.

Jamie C

Fruit box arrived. 

Absolutely fab-u-lous! A wonderful selection, great quality. 

A very happy customer.  Many thanks for taking the trouble to switch bananas instead of grapes, appreciated.

Sharon S

Got it!  Couldn't be more happy. Thanks so much. I've placed a regular order for a small box to come weekly starting from the end of next week...

You're doing such amazing stuff for us all. We can't thank you enough.

Hurrah for Greens!


The most gorgeous flowers North London has to offer and the friendliest members of staff in the world.

Safah L

I have have just received your amazing box of fruit and vegetables as requested.

Thank you, it is delightful, and very fresh, a glimmer of hope for maintaining good health.

Ann G

I got my first fruit and vegetable box this weekend, and wanted to say thank you so much. I haven't been able to go out to get fresh food over the last two weeks, so I was absolutely thrilled with my box.

I just wanted to make sure you all knew how much your hard work is appreciated.

Thanks again.

Author'Louises name

Fantastic variety and produce; excellent range of fruit, vegetable & flower arrangements. Having a proprietor like this in the village is brilliant and I couldn't recommend Green's enough.

Khan S

It’s beautiful, thank you so so much! It’s for my mum, she’s 70 and in isolation and it’s brought her so much joy! She sent me a lovely picture.

Thanks so much for all your hard work, you have been a huge help to our family.

Best wishes